New York in USA Map Location - Printable

New York in USA Map Location - Printable
New York in USA Map

Location New York in USA Map

The Location Map of NYC or New York City in USA Area
NYC in USA Map Location
The New York location Map clearly characterises the unquestionable geographical place of the state. New York is the 27th biggest state in the United States. New York is established in the northeastern part of the United States of America.

The state portions its northwestern and to the north boundary with Quebec and Ontario of Canada, to the eastern border with Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut, southern border with New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the Atlantic Ocean and western border with Ontario and Pennsylvania. The extent of the boundary of New York is 2,301 km.

The state of New York is an significant segment of the northeastern United States. It lies in the Mid-Atlantic Census Bureau partition. The area of New York is 54,556 rectangle miles (141,299 km) and it is the 27th large-scale state in the U.S. in periods of dimensions. The state is bounded by six American states: New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south, and Rhode isle (over Long isle Sound), Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts to the east. Two Canadian provinces in the north - Quebec and Ontario are furthermore enclosed by New York. Furthermore, the Atlantic sea perimeters the state to the southeast, and two of the large Lakes, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie edges it to the northwest and west respectively.

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